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Servnlove Foundation was started by Mrs Jo Cook who lives in south Louisiana. She’s a retired pediatric physical therapist who has a heart and a calling to help orphans and widows in India. To donate, click the button below and give directly to Servnlove Foundation. Thank you.


Decision for Christ​ 

Pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ

Broadcasting Hope across the US and 120 Nations around the World

We encourage you to help these ministries we endorse and support.

DFC assists churches and missionaries sharing the Good News of Jesus. DFC began four years ago as a radio program on a single station. Today DFC is a national and international ministry presenting the message of hope found in Jesus. 


DFC has been working with and supporting

Bethany World Ministries of Zambia for the last five years. Your donation helps maintain a medical clinic and orphanage in a village in Zambia. To donate, click the button below and give directly to BWM. Thank you.