Your Faith In Christ

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​Pastor Tim Robinson

Messages On How Everyone Can Find God's Forgiveness in Jesus

 What is your decision?


We’ve seen the transformation hundreds of times–people attend one of our meetings or listen to our radio broadcasts full of doubt and uncertainty and they become secure in the knowledge of their salvation in Jesus Christ. We encourage you to examine your personal relationship with God and make sure of your decision for Christ.  We want you to trust Jesus Christ for your eternal life, let Him help you with your day-to-day challenges, become a baptized member of a local church in your area, and know for certain you will go to heaven when you die. Go to our Messages page to hear one of Dr. Tim Robinson's radio sermons then click on Decision in Pictures to read God's plan of salvation for yourself. When you make your decision for Christ contact us and let us know. We would like to send you free information on how you can live as a Christian and grow in your faith.

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Decision For Christ 

​Decision For Christ Radio Program

​"'Troubled Churches' is one of my most controversial messages but stand by it 100%."

--Pastor Tim Robinson

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"Time is short. Eternity is long. It is the time for decision." Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Theologian